Sunday, March 18, 2012

February weather variability

Below are four sets of graphs and time-lapse video clips which illustrate the interannual variability of weather and snowcover at Kilimanjaro summit during February. The graph shows the average change in snow or ice surface height on the Northern Ice Field (black line) and that relative to a height datum on January 31st for the year illustrated (in color). The video provides a daily view of the glacier, crater, and Uhuru Peak - in addition to the weather each morning through the month.

To see the camera system installation, click here, or here for an annotation of what the scene illustrates.

February 2006, with images from 10:58 AM each day:

February 2007, with images from 10:19 AM each day. The month began with the greatest crater snow depth of the decade:

February 2008, with images from 12:24 AM each day:

February 2010 (partial), with images from 10:02 AM each day:

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