Monday, January 4, 2010

Rains continue to the West

Here are a couple notes about rainfall to the west of Kilimanjaro; seems like the short rains have been quite good!

Dec. 28th (Marc Baker):  "Just back from the wettest Serengeti in 10 years, first time I have had to abandon two vehicles after two days of constant rain in Piaya."

Jan. 2nd (Jo via Neil Baker) summary of Serengeti and Ngorogoro lakes:
  Lake Magadi ngng - full
  Malanja depression - filling fast
  Olbalbal depression- full and overflowing
  Lake Manyara - filling fast
  Engaruka depression - nearly full

[UPDATE 1/6 (from David Bygott):  Lake Natron also full, raining heavily in Zanzibar]
[UPDATE 1/7 (from Chris Schmeling):  Lake Eyasi close to full; 88mm precip. already this month]

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