Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Current weather" update

Shortly after the first of each month we provide a synopsis of current conditions at the summit, based upon data received by telemetry and processed in the UMass Climate System Research Center. However, we have been without a programmer to run the scripts since mid-December, and apologize to those who look forward to these updates.

The most recent data were accessed today, and the station looks to be working well. Here is what the partial recovery indicates:  from 1 December until mid-January, net snowfall amounted to at least 22 cm. If we can obtain early January data from the Argos archive, it may show the total to be even higher. For the entire "short rain" period, net snowfall was at least 46 cm, which is not a record but certainly above average.

Hopefully a synopsis for February can be posted on 1 or 2 March.

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