Friday, November 1, 2013


Fieldwork this year was conducted late - as the dry season to short-rains transition was underway. Conditions were dry and dusty on trails and in the caldera; relatively high wind speeds at temperatures below freezing made servicing the weather station difficult.

The images below provide an initial perspective on our 2013 work. Note the smooth, icy glacier surface which facilitated glacier travel and accurate ablation stake measurements, while requiring fixed ropes for those without crampons. Thanks to the hard-working crew of SENE (Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experience) for helping us achieve our objectives while keeping everyone safe!

Ascending toward the southern glaciers; view to southwest

Heading back to camp across the dry crater

Ben enjoying the exceptionally flat surface of superimposed ice on the Northern Ice Field

AWS serviced and ready to continue autonomous operation

The October 2013 SENE team (w/o Doug; Ben barely visible)

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