Saturday, April 6, 2019

South-side glacier changes

The images above depict how Kibo's south-side glaciers have changed in area and thickness over the past 13 years. Thanks to Catrin Stadelmann and her advisor Thomas Mölg for sharing them (Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) in Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany).

Note that both snow and ice are visible in these images, particularly the lower one (Jan. 2019). The largest glacier shown is the Kersten, which Dr. Mölg has published extensively on. Shortly after 2006, a gap began widening between the upper ice and the steeper slope portion of the Kersten. Similarly, a gap also formed between the Kersten and the Decken Glacier to the east (right-hand side of the Kersten). The Decken has gradually narrowed, and very little ice remains today. On the Kersten's left (western) side, remains of the Heim Glacier are visible in 2006; the lower-most extent of this glacier was still present by 2019, surrounded by considerable transient snowcover in the image above.

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